We help companies get the most out of their products, services, and people by providing fantastic customer support, fraud prevention, and custom web development.


Customer Support Services

Our call center agents are experts in delivering top notch customer support 24/7/365. We have vast experience in providing customer support to companies with more than 40+ million users through emails, inbound and outbound calls, and live chat. You can rely on our team to provide excellent customer experience and make angry customer into a brand promoter.


Fraud Prevention

Our team of anti-fraud agents work around the clock to make sure that your business is not taken advantage of in the online world of fraud, fake identities, and stolen credit cards. We have vast experience with one of the most popular area where fraud runs rampant - dating communities. We’ve helped few of the biggest sites in the world in that field, and we’re always looking for new challenges. Our experienced team rarely sleeps (quite literally).


Custom Web Development

Our in-house team of developers and designers work closely with our fraud and customer support teams to provide complete implementation and integration with any custom tools, portals, third-party services that your business uses. We are also available for any custom web development that you might need, including prototyping, designing, coding, and continuous maintanenace as per your needs. Drop us a line for more information.